The history of Zita Group

Zita was founded in 1982 as a tourism-travel company, but soon specialized in organizing conferences, exhibitions, events and Incentives. In its long run, it has made a decisive contribution to the development of conference tourism in Greece and has undertaken major initiatives, such as the establishment of the Hellenic Congress of Conference Organizers (HAPCO) and the European Confederation of Conference Organizers (EFAPCO), as a consultant and associate advisor to the government and tourism ministers, in the field of promotion and marketing of our country in the international market.

During this long course, Zita has successfully organized thousands of scientific conferences and trade events, not only in Greece, but also on the five continents of our planet. Over half a million people traveled to Greece and abroad with the care of the travel and conference divisions of Zita group.

Exploiting its experience and know-how, Zita Group has created new, competitive services:

  • Association Management
  • Scientific Journal Publishing
  • Website Development & Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • Medical Tourism Promotion
  • Organizing events and creating publications with important social contributions, such as the Forum on Nutrition, Health, Beauty, and the highly successful “DYO magazine”.

Throughout this course, our efforts have been focused on research and development in the conference and exhibition tourism industry, the ever-increasing demands of our clients and the sincerity and transparency of our relationships to all sides. We supported our development in quality of service, environmental protection, we were officially certified with ISO quality (9001) and environment (14001), we selected our staff strictly and objectively, we created ideal working conditions and established our continuous training throughout the range of services our group offers in the Greek and international market.




Zacharias Kaplanidis, Chairman of Zita Group

Education: Graduated from the Law school of Athens, Department of Economic Sciences.

Post Graduate Degree in Port & Shipping Administration, UWIST University of Wales, Institute of Science & Technology


Previous Professional Positions:

Marketing Director at Phillip Morris International

Sales Manager of  the Shipping & Cruise Company ” Cycladic Cruises”

Executive director of the international Confederation of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery ( IPRAS 2010-2014)

Executive director of the international Company of Plastic, Regenerative & Aesthetic Surgery( ISPRES 2011-2014)

Executive director of European Anti-aging Association (2010-2013)

Executive director of European Society of Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome & Obesity (2014 till now)

Executive director of Mediterranean Society of Chemotherapy and Infection (Med.So.Chem.I)  (2015 till now)

Executive director of the International Committee for Quality in Instruments (2010-2014)

Executive director της South Eastern European Robotic Society (SEERSS 2015-2018)

Executive director of the Greek Association of Pediatric Surgery ( GAPS 2016 till now)

Executive director of the Institute of Biology and Medical Stress  ( ΙΒΙΣ 2017 till now)

Marketing Director of  “ΙΑΣΩ Group” of Hospitals (2014-2015)

Institutional Positions:

President of the Greek Association of Professional Congress Organizers (HAPCO 1998-1999)

Preseident of the European Confederation of Associations of Professional Congress Organizers (EFAPCO 2005-2007)

Member of the executive board of  the Helenic Association of Travel & Tourist Agents (HATTA)

Member of the executive Board (Treasurer) of the Greek -Russian Chamber of Commerce

Represantative of World Tourist Organization (UNWTO) as president of the EFAPCO

Representative of World Health Organization (WHO), as executive director of IPRAS

Special advisor of  “TASSIS” Program for the development of tourism in Crimea (1998)

General Secretary of the Greek Health Tourism Association (GHTA 2016 till now)

Founder of the Sport Club in Keratea, Greece

President of the Football Club «Keraunos Kerateas» (1998-1999)


Publications / Lectures:
Invited Speaker at University of Piraeus

Invited Speaker at the Aegean University

Invited Speaker at Minoan International College

More than  150 publications on National & International magazines and Newspapers

Several Interviews on Magazines and Newspapers about Economy and Tourism

Several TV Interviews about Greek Health Tourism

Member of the Crisis Management Team about PIP (International scandal about breast implants)



Greek (Native Language)

English (Fluent)

Italian (Fluent)

French (Basic Understanding)