ZITA Medical Management was founded in 2015, taking advantage of the long-term experience of the “sister” company Zita Congress

Its field of activity focused on providing specialized services in all areas related to the management of Scientific, Medical and trade Corporations and Associations.

Secretarial Support , Magazine publications , Website Development, Social Media Management , Digital Marketing , Print production, but also promoting Greek Health Tourism, are some of the core services Zita Medical Management offers in the Greek and international market.

Because of this great expertise and know-how, which has been cultivated for almost four decades by Zita Congress, Zita Medical Management is undoubtedly considered not only a leader in the Greek market, but also one of the internationally outstanding companies in the field. The successful collaboration with Greek and international scientific medical and non-medical associations & companies, who for more than four years have trusted Zita Medical Management for the publication of their journals, the design and management of their websites, the overall management and the dynamics in general, reward our hard efforts.

Zita Medical Management has the experience, the human resources, the network of partners and the technical tools that can drive any scientific organization to achieve its short and long term goals. Taking into account the specific characteristics, principles and goals of each scientific organization or medical company, Zita Medical Management develops proposals for the overall upgrade of its presence and influence, both in the scientific community and the general public.

Zita Medical Management’s complete set of services for scientific organizations and medical companies includes:

  • Secretarial support (accounting, legal, curatorial etc.)
  • Designing, editing, publishing and distribution of scientific journals
  • Translation services specializing in scientific translation
  • Submission of scientific publications in international databases such as Scopus, PubMed etc
  • Planning, Editing & distribution of any printed advertising or informative material
  • Targeted and effective marketing
  • Securing sponsorships and partnerships
  • Website creation & management
  • Social media development, presence & management
  • Editing audiovisual material – Creating videos for promotions
  • Promoting Health Scientists’ Services in the Greek & international market (health tourism)
  • Organizing events in collaboration with the world-class Zita Congress

Our Scientific Publications

  • International Confederation of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery ( IPRAS)
  • International Company of Plastic, Regenerative & Aesthetic Surgery( ISPRES)
  • European Anti-aging Association
  • European Society of Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome & Obesity (ESODIMESO)
  • Mediterranean Society of Chemotherapy and Infection (Med.So.Chem.I)
  • International Committee for Quality in Instruments
  • Greek Association of Pediatric Surgery ( GAPS)
  • Institute of Biology and Medical Stress  ( ΙΒΙΣ)
  • “ΙΑΣΩ Group” of Hospitals
  • Greek Health Tourism Association (GHTA)
  • American College of Surgeons (ACS)

An important and unique event for Greece, which brings the general public in direct contact with leading Greek health scientists, organized by Zita Medical Management in collaboration with twenty scientific companies, as well as professional and commercial associations.

The Beauty, Health, Nutrition Forum  was first organized in 2016 and has been held every spring in Zappeion Megaron ever since, with continuously increasing attendance and particularly positive feedback.

Hundreds of distinguished speakers and dozens of leading companies from the health, nutrition and beauty fields are participating in this great, open to all, interactive event that aims to raise public awareness about prolypsis issues through valid and scientifically proven information.

In 2016 Zita Medical Management created “D|Y|O”(Nutrition, Health & Beauty) magazine which is the only publication in the Greek market supported by 17 scientific associations and 45 permanent scientific collaborators. That’s why “D|Y|O” offers meaningful, thorough and responsible information on Nutrition, Health and Beauty.

“D|Y|O” is published on a quarterly basis and each issue contains interviews and articles by leading scientists covering the full spectrum of the broader area of ​​health and wellness.

Every issue of “D|Y|O” is welcomed by at least 100,000 readers from both the health professionals and the general public.

The magazine is released as an insert on Saturday’s well known Newspaper “Eleftheros Typos” and parallel to that is distributed to:

  • A special stand of Onassis Hospital, both for patients and for scientific staff
  • 2,000 selected pharmacies.
  • 1,000 food, health and beauty businesses.
  • 60 scientific health and nutrition companies
  • 400 beauty centers.
  • 2,000 specialized health scientists.
  • the offices of our scientific associates and at all scientific conferences organized by Zita Congress.

The magazine’s material may also be read online at www.dyomagazine.gr and via our Facebook page.